title loon book 3b


by Michael J Perkins


I was so scared, it was so dark. I couldn’t see a thing, but I could hear strange noises just outside.

So I rapped and I tapped with all of my might. I heard a big CRAACK, then the sunshine came in and I saw my new Mom peeking back in.

My brother had hatched just hours before, he had been watching and waiting for me to be born.

My Dad was swimming just by the nest and Mom was looking as proud as could be watching her new babies happily.

We climbed on the backs of our Mom and our Dad, and went for a ride and saw all sorts of new things.

We saw frog on a lily pad just off to the side, and a big bird with VERY long legs fishing nearby.

Next was an eagle soaring high who made a big splash, and came up with a fish as we floated on by.

Just then we saw a dragonfly as we passed through the fog, near sunning turtles all stacked on a log.

Mom and Dad slowly sunk in the water and floated us off. Oh, what fun! Our very first swim wasn’t scary at all.

We watched as our Dad dove deep underwater and came up with a fish he fed to my brother.

Then my Mom dove under and caught a BIG fish, so she gobbled it up and went down for another.

She came up with a fish that was just my size, it looked like it had lettuce stuck close to the side.

Fish after fish, after fish, after fish. We ate all day until our tummies were full.

As the sun went down Mom started to sing, and I tucked my head just under her wing.

I learned so much my very first day, I can’t wait for tomorrow when we can go play.




These are roughs of the illustrations to give a feel for the book.



loon 1 hh size 7i 3

turtle 5c smalleagle 4a

dad dive 2e sm



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